Do you have a product that requires packaging to transport or commercial packaging? You need folders and binders for archiving business documents? You need thermal, adding or fax rolls? Maybe you want to eat piece of cake from ours carton plates? On each of these questions „Savremeno Pakovanje” has an answer.

„Savremeno pakovanje“ LTD Bezdan represents a safe and reliable partner in everyday business.


The formation of the company is strongly linked with the transitory period in Serbia when the former yugoslavian economy giants came to closure. The „Vojvodina Bezdan” printing-house was one of the cornerstones of the development in the region of Northern Bačka. Many years of experience gained in the printing press has been transferred to the new company „Savremeno Pakovanje”, established in 1998.

During the first months the craft shop dealt exclusively with the production of cardboard packaging. But soon a need came up, which required an expand of the product range, and later included cardboard binders, folders, thermal, adding and fax rolls for cash registers. Slowly, but surely, in 2007 the company has grown from a craft shop to „Savremeno Pakovanje” LTD.


The planning for the long-term economic development is based on obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, wherewith the company wants to ensure that the delivered products fulfil the requirements of international standards.

The basis for the company’s persistent growth and development in addition to modern equipment are the skilled personnel, who have expert knowledge and experience. „Savremeno Pakovanje” pays great attention to the continuous training of the personnel. These reasons give top quality products as a result, and they come with a respect to delivery schedules and competitive prices. These facts enable the company to meet customers high expectations.

The company has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 which seek to ensure that the products we supply meet the requirements of internationally recognised standards.

„Savremeno Pakovanje” LTD Bezdan, is existing since 1998 and today employs 41 workers Its main activity is the production of cardboard packaging, binders, folder, files, adding, fax and thermal rolls, etc.

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Monday-Friday: 6am - 2pm

Žrtava fašizma 20, Bezdan
Phone: +381 25 811 227

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