Thermal, adding and fax rolls

For the production of thermal, adding and fax rolls we use rolls of mechanographic (for adding rolls) and thermal paper (for thermal and fax rolls). From jumbo rolls 25 types of thermal and adding rolls are mechanically cutted, which later goes onto the packaging. The packing of thermal and adding rolls is done by machine in foil.

We are producing and selling rolls for POS terminals, fiscal cash registers and printers, automated teller machines (ATM), fax machines and others.

„Savremeno Pakovanje” LTD Bezdan, is existing since 1998 and today employs 41 workers Its main activity is the production of cardboard packaging, binders, folder, files, adding, fax and thermal rolls, etc.

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Monday-Friday: 6am - 2pm

Žrtava fašizma 20, Bezdan
Phone: +381 25 811 227

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